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Zip Blinds

Expand your homes by making use of outdoor spaces!

Why choose Zip Blinds?

Easy to maintain

and operate

Block out sunlight and UV rays

Make use of outdoor spaces

Shelter against heavy wind and rain

Keep rooms cool by reducing heat

How Zip Blinds work:

Zip Fastener System

The Zip Blind fabric is securely fastened to the side tracks by using a unique Zip Fastener system. This ensures the smooth operation of the Zip Blinds and stabilises the blinds against heavy wind, preventing it from flapping around excessively.

Screenshot 2022-11-19 at 3.26.44 AM.png
Smart Systems

We use various smart systems for our zip blinds with the most popular ones being A-OK, Somfy, and Dooya system. You can pick and choose whichever system suits best for your homes!

Automated Zip Blinds

Looking to build a smart home? Look no further.

With the recent trend in smart homes, you too can achieve your dream of automating your home with our smart blinds.

Our motorised system allows you to control your blinds with just a click on the remote. After a long and tiring day of work, you can relax in the comfort of your room, without having to get up to adjust your blinds.

Our Past Works

Gain inspiration from our past works.

Feeling Inspired?

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