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Day Curtains

Create a cosy and soft ambience with our Day Curtains

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Why choose Day Curtains?

Made of sheer and lightweight material, Day Curtains help to supply natural sunlight while filtering out harsh sunlight, providing a cosy and soothing environment. 

Given the hot weather in Singapore, many people install Day Curtains to block out radiated heat from the sun during the day, keeping the interiors of the home cooler. 

Day Curtains are usually paired together with Night Curtains to provide greater privacy in bedrooms and living rooms at night. Pairing both curtains together also helps to create a beautiful layered look.

We have a wide variety of Day and Night Curtains, ranging from different colours to different designs, for our customers to choose from. You can even choose to motorise your curtains!

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Benefits of Day Curtains

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Filter out harsh sunlight


Cosy and soft ambience


Provide daytime privacy

Our Past Works

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