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Custom-made Outdoor Blinds

Satisfy your different needs with our large variety of blinds.

Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds are a great addition to outdoor areas like balconies, allowing you to utilise these outdoor spaces better.

​They can block out harsh sunlight and UV rays, keeping the room cooler. 

​Zip Blinds are also designed to protect against heavy rain and wind.

Our Zip Blinds can be motorised, providing greater convenience.

​Given its multiple benefits, it is no wonder Zip Blinds are a highly popular choice among many homeowners.

Block sunlight and UV

Better utilise outdoor areas

Protect against heavy wind and rain


Outdoor Rollers

Outdoor Rollers are commonly used in outdoor areas like balconies, patios and service yards.

​Outdoor Rollers can help to block out sunlight and rain, keeping your balconies relatively dry. 

​Our Outdoor Roller Blinds in Singapore are economically priced, making them a popular option among many.




Bamboo Blinds

Our Bamboo Blinds in Singapore will add a unique touch to your home, matching perfectly with the exterior of your outdoor space.

​It is able to filter in sunlight while providing you with some privacy, making it perfect for outdoor areas like patios.

Given its wide variety of styles and colours, you can definitely find a style that best fits your house.


Perfect for outdoor areas

Wide variety of styles


Why Choose Outdoor Blinds?

Travelling the globe and spending time outdoors is not a luxury most can afford. Busy schedules, harsh weather conditions, and many other factors can intervene and wreck your plans. But what if you could spend your relaxing time outdoors in the comfort of your home? Outdoor Blinds are the perfect solution to offer your space protection from pesky bugs, bad weather, and even prying eyes!

In addition to shielding from extreme heat and cold rains, they can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area. They are energy-efficient and easy to maintain, which means you can potentially reduce your energy bills as there won’t be much need for an air conditioner when you are outdoors.

Outdoor Roller Blinds can also add to the value of your home. Whichever style you go for, high-quality blinds can make the space look more vibrant and inviting. This will help enhance the property value of your home or apartment; such subtle changes can make a great impact in the long run.

Create your dream environment and achieve the best living experience for you and your loved ones. We offer you only top-notch blinds. Reach out to our passionate team of specialists and transform your space today!

Feeling Inspired?

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Explore a vast range of products and enjoy your shopping experience at MGL Curtain & Furnishing. We will guide you through any concerns or worries that you may have. We will ensure you have a smooth and exciting time discovering classic and modern designs. Come meet with our leading designers and start this exciting journey with us.

We have gained a lot of experience handling hundreds of customers over the years, and we know the ins and outs of curtains, blinds, and other furnishings. We have a lot of tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you revamp your decor. You can look forward to designing your dream decor without any hassle.

Contact us and let us help you choose the best Outdoor Blinds in Singapore! 

You can place your trust in us.

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