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Custom-made Outdoor Blinds

Satisfy your different needs with our large variety of blinds.

Zip Blinds

Zip Blinds are a great addition to outdoor areas like balconies, allowing you to better utilise these outdoor spaces.

They can block out harsh sunlight and UV rays, keeping the room much cooler. 

Zip Blinds are also designed to protect against heavy rain and wind.


Our Zip Blinds can be motorised, providing greater convenience.

Given its multiple benefits, it is no wonder why Zip Blinds are a highly popular choice among many homeowners.

Block sunlight and UV

Better utilise outdoor areas

Protect against heavy wind and rain


Outdoor Rollers

Outdoor Rollers are commonly used in outdoor areas like balconies, patios and service yards.

Outdoor Rollers can help to block out sunlight and rain, keeping your balconies relatively dry. 

They are economically priced, making it a popular option among many. 




Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds add a unique touch to your home, matching perfectly with the exterior of your home.

It is able to filter in sunlight while providing you with some privacy, making it perfect for outdoor areas like the patios.


Given its wide variety of styles and colours, you can definitely find a style that best fits your house.


Perfect for outdoor areas

Wide variety of styles


Feeling Inspired?

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