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Night Curtains

Wind down for the night with our Night Curtains

Why choose Night Curtains?

Made of heavily lined and opaque material, Night Curtains provides maximum privacy by blocking out light from the room. 

There are 2 types of Night Curtains - Dim-out Curtains and Blackout Curtains. They differ by the extent to which they block out light. Dim-out Curtains can block out up to 95% of light, providing ample privacy while still allowing for some light. Blackout Curtains block out 100% light from external sources, providing maximum privacy.

Night Curtains are essential in bedrooms to ensure privacy at night. By pairing them with Day Curtains, you can better control your privacy. 

We have a wide variety of Day and Night Curtains, ranging from different colours to different designs, for our customers to choose from. You can even choose to motorise your curtains!


Types of Night Curtains

Dim-out Curtains

Dim-out Curtains can block out up to 95% of light, providing ample privacy while not making the room completely dark.

Dim-out Curtains are suitable for use in living rooms, study rooms, and even bedrooms.

Our Dim-out Curtains are also easier to maintain compared to our Blackout Curtains as they are less thick and bulky.


Benefits of Night Curtains

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Block up to 100% light


Ensure maximum privacy


Essential for bedrooms

See the difference for yourself! 


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