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Roman Blinds

Elevate your house with Roman Blinds

Why choose Roman Blinds?

Unlike usual blinds, Roman Blinds are made of neat pleats of curtain fabric, making them very similar to curtains.

This creates a special look, adding to the grandeur of the house.

Roman Blinds are highly customisable. Depending on the type of fabric chosen, one can enjoy many benefits, such as different levels of privacy. 

You can also choose to customise your blinds with different fabric patterns, depending on what suits your house best. 

If you are looking to add an elegant and luxurious touch to your home, consider getting Roman Blinds. 

We have a wide variety of Roman Blinds, ranging from different colours to different designs, for our customers to choose from.


Benefits of Roman Blinds

Luxurious look

Instantly enhance elegance in rooms


Choose from a wide variety of designs and material

Similar to curtains

Roman Blinds uses curtain fabrics

Smart Blinds

Looking to build a smart home? Look no further.

With the recent trend in smart homes, you too, can achieve your dream of automating your home with our smart blinds.

Our motorised system allows you to control your blinds with just a click of the remote. After a long and tiring day of work, you can relax in the comfort of your room without having to get up to adjust your blinds.

Create an Elegant and Luxurious Space with Our Roman Blinds

Are you looking to spruce up your space with a touch of warmth and sophistication? Look no further than Roman Blinds. Whether you prefer a rustic style or need a contemporary look, Roman Blinds are just what you need. These Singapore blinds are available in an array of options to suit any design concept, and you will be spoilt for choice! As their fabric is constructed with materials similar to curtain fabrics, you will be able to pick your favourite colour and style while matching with the overall aesthetics of your space.

These blinds are designed to fit the exact dimensions of windows, offering a neat and sleek look for your room. The smooth fabric converts into multiple neat pleats and folds when pulled up and is convenient and versatile to use. This unique feature will add personality and present as a decorative element for your space. Even if you are looking for a minimalistic choice, these blinds will not disappoint you.

The functionality of these blinds are also diverse; they can act as a shade, a dim-out blind or a blackout blind. Whether you need to liven up your room or filter out light and safeguard your privacy, we can offer you solutions to create the ambience you desire. It is the perfect blind to elevate your space while offering the required privacy and light control you need. It is truly multi-functional; you can use this type of blind for any room, be it a bedroom, living room or corporate venue.

Our Past Works

Gain inspiration from our past works.

Do you want to create a dramatic look and grab the attention of your guests? Add some flamboyance and make a statement with our Roman Blinds in Singapore. Our blinds can be customised to fit any specification or requirement, and our couturier experts will help you make the best choice for your space.


MGL Curtain & Furnishing believes in upholding high standards, and we hold an esteemed place in this industry. We are considered one of the premier couturier specialists in the country, and we do not take this accolade lightly. We can guarantee that our store offers all our customers nothing but the best. We have a wide collection of blinds, such as Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Korean Combi Blinds, and so much more! We will ensure that you receive the highest quality in all our products and services.

If you would like to explore our exciting range of blind options, do not hesitate to reach out to us today! We look forward to helping you find the best curtains and blinds in Singapore!

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