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Custom-made Curtains

Give your home a new style with our large collection of Curtains.

Day Curtains

Day Curtains are made of sheer and lightweight material. They help to supply natural sunlight while filtering out harsh sunlight, creating a cosy and soothing environment.

Day Curtains can also help to reduce heat in the room by blocking out radiated heat from the sun during the day.

While Day Curtains provide great daytime privacy, they are usually paired with Night Curtains to provide greater privacy during the night.

Filter out harsh sunlight

Provide daytime privacy

Create cosy and soft ambience

Day Curtains
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Night Curtains

Night Curtains are made of heavily lined and opaque material, greatly blocking out light from entering the room. There are two types of Night Curtains: Blackout Curtains and Dim-out Curtains.

As the name suggests, Blackout Curtains completely block out any light from external sources, making it suitable for people who are sensitive to light while sleeping. They also provide maximum privacy and keep the room cool by blocking out sunlight during the day.

Dim-out Curtains can block out up to 95% of light, providing ample privacy while not making the room completely dark. Our Dim-out Curtains are also easier to maintain as they are not as thick and bulky as our Blackout Curtains.

Can block out up to 100% light

Ensures maximum privacy

Essential for bedrooms

Day & Night Curtains

While both Day and Night Curtains have their own benefits, they work best when paired together.


Day Curtains provide natural sunlight in the morning, making your home feel warm and cosy.


Before going to bed, you can draw your Night Curtains, creating a relaxing sleep environment..

Benefits from both Day and Night Curtains

Change the environment in your room according to your mood

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Ripple Fold Curtains

Also known as S-fold curtains, Ripple Fold Curtains run along an S-fold track to create consistent waves of fabric. 

Ripple Fold Curtains provide a minimalist and tidy look to your rooms.


Our Ripple Fold Curtains can be made of various type of fabrics, providing you with different benefits such as the varying level of privacy.

Minimalistic Look

Various types of fabrics

Smart Curtains

Looking to build a smart home? Look no further.

With the recent trend in smart homes, you too can achieve your dream of automating your home with our smart curtains.

Our motorised system allows you to control your curtains with just a click on the remote. After a long and tiring day of work, you can relax in the comfort of your room, without having to get up to open or close your curtains. 

Our Past Works

Gain inspiration from our past works.

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