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Uni-slat Blinds

Add a modern touch to your homes with Uni-slat Blinds

Why choose Uni-slat Blinds?

Uni-slat Blinds adds a modern and elegant touch to your rooms,.

Like vertical blinds, Uni-slat Blinds are made of individual washable slats spanning across the ceiling to floor. This makes it easy to detach them and wash the individual slats.


Uni-slat Blinds are a combination of curtains and blinds. These slats are made of curtain fabric, but can be adjusted like blinds.

Depending on the position of the Uni-slat blinds, one can enjoy varying levels of privacy. Choosing a darker fabric can also help to enhance privacy.


Uni-slat blinds also allows air to pass through easily, providing ample ventilation to the room, even when it is fully closed. You can also walk through these slats if you choose to install the blinds on a sliding door.

We have a wide variety of Uni-slat Blinds, ranging from different colours to different designs, for our customers to choose from.


Benefits of Uni-slat Blinds

Ample Ventilation

Uni-slat blinds allow for air to pass through the slats even when it is fully drawn

Modern touch

Choose from different types of fabrics to achieve different looks in your homes

Similar to curtains

Roman Blinds uses curtain fabrics but are adjusted like blinds.

Our Past Works

Gain inspiration from our past works.

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