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Six Signs That Indicate You Need to Replace Your Outdoor Blinds in Singapore

Updated: Jun 20

There is a lot of thought and hard work that goes into turning a house into a home. You may have spent a lot of time and money choosing the right furniture, matching upholstery, and the ideal curtain or blind. In addition to these, many other factors may have been considered so that it matches your overall concept while creating the vision you desire. While your home may still look fabulous, have you noticed that your Outdoor Blinds in Singapore are looking a little worse for wear? If you are unsure whether you need to replace them or carry out some minor fixes, we at MGL Curtain & Furnishing have you covered. This article will cover the telltale signs that you need to watch out for and more.

1. Faded Colours or Yellowish Blinds

Singapore is a tropical country; this means you are bound to experience both hot weather and cool rains. While this may seem like the perfect weather for some, the alternating weather elements can cause considerable damage to your outdoor furniture and furnishing like your Outdoor Blinds. If your blinds start to show any signs of discolouration or fading, it would be best to replace them. The weather is not the only element that can fade the blinds; accumulation of dust over time combined with oxidation of your blinds can make them appear unclean and old. This is definitely a sign that you should replace your Outdoor Blinds in Singapore.

2. Bent Slats

The horizontal pieces that you lift or lower when you adjust your blinds are known as slats. Suppose you have slats of the wrong size on your blinds; it would not look great, would it? This is the same with having bent or warped slats. While you might be able to fix one or two slightly bent slats, a more pronounced issue would ideally require a complete replacement. Warped slats also make the blinds difficult to operate or handle and can cause a lot of frustration and further damage your blinds.

3. Damaged Edges

Have you noticed that the edges of some blinds are looking frayed or damaged? This typically occurs when they have been used for a long time or their internal mechanism is causing them to get damaged. In either case, you are better off replacing them before they fall or become entirely unusable.

4. Difficulty Lifting the Blinds

Do you struggle a lot when you try to adjust your Outdoor Blinds? Do you need to apply elbow grease at times just to raise them? Do not wait any longer to replace them, as they have the potential to cause injuries and may even fall out suddenly. This can be dangerous, so you must replace them if you face this problem.

5. Damaged or Exposed Cords

As with any other object, blinds are susceptible to wear and tear with time. The constant exposure to outdoor elements and frequent usage can wear out the cords and either expose their cords or damage them. If you can relate to this and find that your blinds are not functioning as well as earlier, you need to change them.

6. Out of Style

A home should be your safe haven. It should make you feel comfortable and offer you a space where you can relax and have a great time. So, if you are unhappy with your current blinds or feel like they are out of style, you might feel better about replacing them. After all, life is too short to live in misery. On top of this, an outdated blind can reduce the value of your home.

Get Help from the Experts in the Couturier Industry

Do you feel like your blinds are showing some of the signs mentioned above? Would you like some assistance from the best in the business? Look no further than Singapore's leading Curtain and Blinds specialists – MGL Curtain & Furnishing. Our team of experts will be able to assist you with all your furnishing needs and guide you through the whole process, from picking out the warning replacement signs to selecting your new blinds, measuring and installing, and more. Our store has a range of curtains and Outdoor Blinds in Singapore, from Outdoor Rollers to Bamboo Blinds to Zip Blinds in Singapore and so much more! We will ensure that your home will receive products of the highest quality. Come and meet with our specialists and let’s start working together to make your home look fabulous again.



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