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Common Types of Indoor blinds in Singapore

Updated: 6 days ago

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Common Types of Indoor blinds in Singapore

Indoor Blinds are one of Singapore's most well-liked and attractive window accessories. They are convenient to install and use and are the most practical and economical option for most individuals. Whether you are a homeowner or entrepreneur, indoor Singapore blinds can give your space the style and sophistication you need. But before you pick up your phone and put in your order, you need to know which Indoor Blinds would fit you the best. Let’s explore the most common and popular types of Indoor Blinds in the country, and if you need a reliable place to shop, we may know just the store for you.

What is an Indoor Blind?

Blinds can be installed inside of your window frame or outside of it. The latter, known as Outdoor Blinds, are ideal for outdoor spaces like balconies and patios. They offer protection from different weather conditions and insects and provide privacy. Indoor blinds, on the other hand, are designed to provide you with light control and privacy, and they can also complement the aesthetics and style of your indoor area. These blinds are specifically designed to be used indoors and can be motorised for easier operation.

Indoor Singapore Blinds: Types and Benefits

Indoor blinds are available in a variety of designs and materials, such as wood, aluminium, and other kinds of fabric. There are a number of different types of blinds, which come with their own unique characteristics and benefits. Here are the commonly used Indoor Blinds for windows in Singapore:

Roller Blinds

Most people highly favour these blinds because they are easy to use – you simply roll up (or down) a cord to adjust the light intensity, and they come in an extensive range of colours and styles. They are easily customisable to fit any style from a contemporary to modern to minimalistic to a traditional concept – Roller Blinds are quite versatile.

Combi Blinds

They are most popularly known as Korean Combi Blinds and are made from a combination of two layers. These overlapping layers offer you a suitable amount of light by simply adjusting the roller system. They are easy to use and are relatively low maintenance. This is the ideal blind for a soft and trendy look.

Venetian Blinds

This unique and versatile blind is apt for any setting that requires a sleek and stylish design. Venetian Blinds have adjustable slats that allow you to partially or completely block the light that enters your room. They are usually made from PVC or aluminium and are very durable. However, some stores may construct them with different materials, so it is better to check this with your provider beforehand. They are also available in many different colours and are easy to clean and maintain – this feature makes them a popular choice for individuals with busy schedules.

Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds would fit in well if you are looking for a smooth and luxurious style. They are designed to have their blinds folded up neatly when raised. This creates a seamless and grandeur look. This stylish and energy-efficient blind can be used in a number of spaces and are even suitable for small areas. They can be customised and are very convenient to use.

Uni-slat Blinds

As the name suggests, it consists of single slat-blinds and is suitable for modern windows and spaces. They comprise a cord that allows you to adjust the light that enters your room and are made from quality materials that are long-lasting. The materials used in these blinds are generally lightweight and, therefore, resistant to wear and tear. This is a good option if you prefer a minimalistic style. Uni-slat Blinds have an added advantage; their single-slat blinds allow them to be easily detached and can be washed individually.

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