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Venetian Blinds, or Timber Blinds is a beautiful beautiful thing. Even after furnishing home for years, i still fall to its beauty at every glance.

It can be a costly endeavour to try out all the different design of Timber blinds, or realise that you want to try something different, so please allow me to share with you what we had picked up along the many projects we had accomplished.

Why the timber blinds being dubbed as Venetian Blinds - i suspect that it is because it get prevalent use during the heyday of Venice, by Venetian.

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A Venetian blind has horizontal slats (the thin elongated wooden/plastic pieces), one stack above another. They are suspended by strips of cloth called tapes, or by cords, by which all slats in unison can be rotated through nearly 180 degrees.

There are lift cords passing through slots in each slat. When there cords are pulled, the bottom of the blinds (slightly thicker slat) moves upward, causing the lowest slats to press the underside of the next highest slat as the blinds is raised.

Essentially Venetian Blinds is the only blinds that allow our room to breath - and we can adjust the light penetration level and privacy protection level with the string. It can be made from many material, timber having the advantage of durable to temperature fluctuation (it do not warp) and light weight. PVC tends to be lower cost, but is much heavier. Metal, on the other hand, have the disadvantage of easily distort caused by forces. 

Here is a metal venetian blinds in real life - metal venetian blinds is light, easier to control, almost half cost of timber venetian blinds - BUT, the slat can warp easily

like this

high MetalVenetian1

Let's have a close up

high MetalVenetian2

Remember those 60s spy movie where one can peek through with the metal venetian blinds - here is it.

high MetalVenetian3

The colour is versatile - so if privacy is not a concern (like living room), you can try metal venetian blinds. Still, please bear in mind the slat need extra care (they tends to warp anyway).

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Here i would like to explore several popular features we can play with the Venetian Blinds - Aesthetics is a non-verbal matter and it takes trial & errors to get the right feel.

We have numerous case studies, why not take some time go through what we had tried (and succeed).

A. Colour of Tapes


Oh the classic White Slat (horizontal wooden pieces) and Black Tape, there is no doubt why we like it so much - it's versatile in blending into environment, elegant, and simple. In interior design, achromatic refers to colourless colours - that is, Black White Grey that can match any other colour theme.

The only disadvantage is it might look too mature

High CoverAA


I was once bold enough to tell a client that, even white tape match white slat is much beautiful than a no tape Venetian Blinds. I have a strong and bias view, of course. But, here you go, the White Tape and White Slats that give us the traditional Suburban US Feel.

TapeWhite4 USSuburbanTraditionalStyle

TapeWhite2 USSuburbanTraditionalStyle

TapeWhite1 USSuburbanTraditionalStyle

TapeWhite3 USSuburbanTraditionalStyle

The subtle ivory/pearl colour tape actually highlight the whiteness of the slat - This is counter intuitive, but this is aesthetics


 TapeGrey MixSlat2xx

Yup, this comes from our old showroom back in Eminent Plaza, Lavender - Miss it?

TapeGrey MixSlatcc

Dark Brown

TapeBrown LivingRoom

Black Tape against white background is too stark a difference for you? And you like hot chocolate? 

Yup this is for us (chocolate drink is awesome, isnt it?)

 high TapeBrownSlatWhite

 high TapeBrownSlatWhite2

Most of us have wood as background, be it the floor of furniture - the light brown tape plus white slats can hint on the resonance of the interior design theme.


This joyful colour derive from a happy drink that bring all of us to be cheerful - how can it not looking good?

 high TapeChampagne SlatWhite Bathroom

 high TapeChampagne SlatWhite Bathroom2

high TapeChampagne SlatWhite Bathroom3

Being a carbonated wine, this colour had been deeply associated with joy - i doubt that even without that association, the colour will still appeal to our eye.

For this to work well, i would recommend you to do for small piece of window covering - like the one at aircon ledge. The bathroom example above had demonstrate how terrific (and cute) it looks in the right size.

Dont think a large piece of timber blinds with champagne tape works the same magic.

You see, large piece of timber blinds need more intense colour tape to fill the void. 


TapeRed1 Bedroom

TapeRed1 Bedroom Open

This always reminds me of Marilyn Monroe - her charming everlasting lipstick - hard to miss.

Should anyone ever visited your room, he will not forget you.


 TapeGreen1 Kidroom

It's like a Peter Pan dancing in your room, i reckon that given a sweet fairly tale santuary to your kid is not a bad idea. After all, most of us couldn't afford to have that when we were kids.


After being exposed to numerous white slats with tape to highlight it, how does the other universe of TapeLess looks like, you wonder.

Here you go.

White Slat No Tape

high SlatWhite TapeLess

high SlatBrown TapeLess

Brown Slat - still no tape

Black Slat - no tape.

What do you think - without tape, the white and black version give you strong intense industrial feel, remind you of the structural beauty of it.

for Brown slats - the feel of Wood is so genuine that we cant escape it. For fans of timber blinds, dark colour wood like oak and mahagony are good choice, it looks expensive (it usually don't cost astronomically) especially at the penetration and reflection of light. The candle like light above totally bring out the essence of it. 

high SlatBlack TapeLess Living3

That said, isn't this light pine colour timber blinds without tape looks uniquely Zen?





B. Functions of Venetian Blinds - in all kinds of rooms and as Door

Rooms - Different Types of Rooms

Thick Tape

Tic Tac - the opposite of tapeless is the exaggeration of tape - a thick one.

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Thick

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Thick2

Just as thick eyebrow - a thick tape can be charmingly nerdy.

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Thick3

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Thick4

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Thick5


I would argue that Living is the best place for Venetian blinds - except that it dont provide theatre feel.

Living room is the place where we socialise, chit chat with our family member - sometimes, sharing snack food together. 

Venetian Blinds is good at bringing light in, that foster a bright and cheerful environment for gathering. It is, allow me to repeat, the only window covering that let the room to breath. No closure phobia whatsoever, not to mention the fresh air during having finger food - priceless.

 high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living2

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living9

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living91

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living8

On the other hand, the lighting system we usually used in the living room (down light, bracket, indirect) are just nice for white slat timber blinds - a perfect match might not be an overstatement - what do you think?

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living3

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living5

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living4

For the last example, we actually see that timber blinds is a good companion for brick like wall treatment - especially pure white bricks.


If there is ONLY one window covering you can choose - that you must choose - CHOOSE venetian blinds - you will be glad

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat


NaturalColourSlat NoTape ChildRoom

(This two little girls are from MGL family)

Dont worry about kids handling the seemingly complicated wooden blinds - they are smart and w.

The only valid concern is that timber blinds might leak too much light (and look too mature for nursery), in that case, we can add a layer of kid curtain with blackout lining.


high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Study

For a modern minimalist study room - what is better than a classic white slat black tape timber blinds?

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Study2 

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Study3

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Study4

When we need concentration - we close up the slat; when we feel tired, we adjust the slat, let the fresh air come in - take a break


Some of the criteria of a celebrity like kitchen is brightness, tidiness and orderliness. This, can be achieved by venetian blinds.

high Cover3

If you are heavy cooker focus on gravy food instead of salad - you can consider venetian blinds that is without tape, like this

high TapeNo SlatWhite

Dining Room

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Dining

A great place to have your breakfast and read newspaper

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Dining2

Mini Bar

BlackTape1 Bar

Care to have a drink here with your love one?

i would go home everyday 6pm if i got a home like this.


This is a fancy and practical idea i assure you, let me convince you with visual tool

BlackTape1 BathRoom

BlackTape1 BathRoom2

BlackTape1 BathRoom3

high TapeLess WhiteSlat Bathroom

high TapeLess WhiteSlat Bathroom2

high Slat Mixed TapeBlack Bathroom

 Fun MixSlats BlackTape Bathroom

Convinced? This is one of the few ways we can beat Hilton bathroom with our own house.


high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom

As long as we are not too particular about light, our bedroom can be as beautiful as this.

Even if we do, we can adjust the position we sleep - in this case, head toward the area without window opening (thus no light)

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom2

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom LShape2

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom LShape

L Shape Window in Master room is not a problem, in fact, it gives that chance to showcase the tidiness of venetian blinds.

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom7

Bedroom can be area where we need to pay more attention to colour matching - due to bedroom is always smaller than living room and the components in the rooms are squeezed close up.

In this case, the white slat match the nice (albeit obvious textured) looking wardrobe and floor well.

 high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom4

Not many window covering can compensate the floor that well.

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom LShape4

More on small pieces of venetian blinds - i know i'm biased, but how can you not love this setting? 

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom LShape3

AirCon Ledge

We can use window film on aircon ledge, cost economical at the expense of flexibility.

we can use roller blinds, or curtain to match with the room. If match well, it can be a nice scene.

Or! Or! We can use timber blinds.

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat AirconLedge

As Door

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Door

 high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Door2

I think this is ingenius.


high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Wardrobe2

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Wardrobe 

It can be tempting to conclude that the venetian blinds and the furniture are come in set - they are not.

Colours of Slat (the wooden piece)

Slat are like the paint cloth for the blinds - tapes being the paint brush to bring out the life. In this case we might assume White being the best slats colour - but that can exception.


high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Bedroom5


high Slat Mixed TapeNo3

Here are the exception :-)

 The cost is the same for homogeneous, so if you are considering if you should mix the colour - here are more examples for your reference

high Slat Mixed TapeNo

No indoor light and it shines

high Slat Mixed TapeNo2

 high Slat Mixed TapeBlack Bathroom

A mixture between champagne and natural wood - as they both belongs to earth colour series, wouldnt leads to a clash of colours.

Fun MixSlats BlackTape

The Weight of colour - Descending - Feel it? Feel it?

Fun MixSlats BlackTape Bathroom

Modern contemporary theme is timeless - but pure white plus pure black can be bored n dull sometimes. Let's try the neat combinations.

Fun MixSlats BlackTape LivingRoom2

Fun MixSlats BlackTape LivingRoom4


high SlatBlack TapeBlack AirconLedge

I'm being frank with you - that Venetian blinds are not the window covering that can provide you the blackout effect.

If you are sensitive to light - give Black slats a try - they feel metallic, have all the benefits of timber material, and simply looks COOL

high SlatBlack TapeBlack AirconLedge2

high SlatBlack TapeBlack AirconLedge3

Mark & Spencer like to feature this retro green in their products - let's see the effect of retro green plus black slats no tape

high SlatBlack TapeNo LShape

high SlatBlack TapeNo LShape2

 high SlatBlackKitchen

Impeccable Kitchen.

high Slat LightBrown2

Nature wooden colour - light brown gives the country feel - whilst dark brown give sophisticated feel

high Slat LightBrown

high SlatBrown TapeLess

Is it easy to blend into Environment

Venetian blinds are popular for a reason - stripes will never out of trend. Just observe how well it blends into different components of our home.


 High CoverAA

Mirrors are there to make our home looks larger - and with the beautiful venetian blinds adding the right level of complexity - marvellous.

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Mirror

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Mirror2


 high TapeBlack SlatWhite BackGroundVibrant

high TapeBlack SlatWhite BackGroundVibrant3

It is pretty hard to match to this room with purple colour and grey floor - if not for white slat venetian blinds

high TapeBlack SlatWhite BackGroundVibrant2

Feature Wall

high TapeBlackWhiteSlat Living7

Cushion & Wallpaper

high TapeBlack SlatWhite Cushion Wallpaper3

 high TapeBlack SlatWhite Cushion Wallpaper

high TapeBlack SlatWhite Cushion Wallpaper2

We would love to add in lots of elements into the interior design - wallpaper, cushion, flooring, window covering, etc. In times, it can overwhelm the eyes.

We can strike a balance, though, with white slats venetian blinds

The End

I shall keep on update this post - as i see that there are many more combinations that we can play with. Please kindly leave a comment about the combination that you think is possible and would love to give it a try.

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Some said that Less is More.

One of the more prominent people who said this is Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, a german-american architect. We can totally tell by his masterpieces, which include the IBM Plaza in Chicago and The Social Service Faculty in University of Chicago.



Let's zoom back to our interior furnishing, is it ok to furnish the whole house with the same fabrics? Will it looks boring?

Nope, it will look consistent. Sometimes, a consistent furnishing for the whole house will make the house looks larger - as a result of theme extension to the whole space.


On the other hand, Some said Less is Bored.

The "Anti-hero" here is Charles Jencks who graduated from Harvard. Jencks believes that contemporary science is potentially a great moving force for creativity, because it tells us the truth about the way Universe is and shows us the patterns of beauty.

Less, is bored, in that sense.

In the context of interior furnishing, it is perfectly ok to choose different fabrics for different rooms in a house, as long as the thematic elements got extended through the selections.





Are you a LessIsMore or LessIsBored person? 



(Miss tay's Wooden Blinds)

Miss Tay is a happy client of ours - happy with the wooden blinds we installed, happy with our installation arrangement....and i thought that was the end for a moment - until she got a new house only then we'll meet up again.

I was wrong - her parents wish to renovate their house, a place where Miss Tay grow up, where she gather all the love and foster from her parents to enable her to get a new house herself a meaningful life herself. It's time for her parents to layback for a while, after years of hardworking raising kids. (Thank you parents, my parents and all the Parents)

(Mrs Tay existing Curtain)

The existing curtain was installed 10+ years ago - we had went through numerous happy and sad periods, The Rock&Roll by Michael Jackson, the economy downturn due to SARS, the love of Mother Teresa, Dotcom economic Boom & Bust.... can't believe we had went through that in one piece and thrive.

I went to their home for on site measurement - and found out that Mrs Tay was as pretty as Miss Tay when she was the age of Miss Tay - photograph is such a nice thing to capture the timeless moment.

 We are mortal and we will grow older, but our fire torch will pass to our next generation.


Our parent had put in hard work raising us up - and as we grown up and able to live our life in our own way - thanks to their love
Now is the perfect time for them to have a life of their own.

They deserve this sweet juicy fruit - Thanks to all the parents.


(Fabrics for Mrs Tay New Curtain)


(Mrs Tay adores it - it looks much better in real than in photo. The smile on her face is our happiest moment, again.)

 - Vester - 28th Dec 2014


Some said that Vintage is the theme that stand the test of time - after all, they survived after years of technology development.

Imagine, we are using Windows I7, Apple Ipad Air 2 now and had totally forget about IBM computer that was as big as a room (literally, our standard HDB living room).Vintage theme is as old as the IBM room-size computer, yet it is as visually appealing as it was many years ago.


That has to mean something.






Vintage always being linked to affluent and abundance, as during the pre-industrial era, only those who are affluent can afford to decorate their house.

Today, thanks for technology development, we can enjoy timeless vintage theme in our home in....approximately two weeks (!)


How is that? MGL has recently brought in a series of new Korean wallpaper focus on Bronze and Mirror inspired Vintage theme - it's totally European i would say.


Some background on why Korean is good at wallpaper design.

Like most of the developed countries in the world, industry in Korea had been directed towards higher yield areas, other than engineering (you heard of Samsung & Hyundai :) ) , entertainment (i need no further mentioning), design is surprisingly a significant industry in Korea.

For example some of the Corelle dinnerware design are the masterpiece of a famous korean designer Sung, so are the wallpaper.



It's pretty challenging to describe the aesthetics value of the Vintage wallpaper in words - hope i didnt it miserably.

One earnest warning though, there are a wide range of Vintage wallpaper - even though they are beautiful, not all of them suit your theme.

You might be worrying that selecting wallpaper via website might be misleading and make the wrong choice. Let us help you, come to our showroom at Balestier Road, we shall help you match your wallpaper to your interior design theme, especially your curtain. 

Most of us feel differently, feel like having butterfly in our stomach, when somebody mentioning the champagne colour in our home.




Why is the unsuppressed joy? Because champagne is such a beautiful colour associated with happiness deep down in our culture.




In short, champagne colour is very pale tints of yellowish-orange that are close to beige. Some good looking horse breed being named champagne as a result their coat exhibiting champagne colour.

Most of the happy events, we celebrate them with champagne. Is there a way to instil (and prolong) the happiness feeling into our home?

Curtain and Blinds is the way. There are three ways. First – champagne colour curtain and blinds. For this, please always remember to choose dimout material. Standard light fabrics might have the issue of appear to be yellow when sun shine through. (More about material in our ebook). If you like champagne colour, you might want to consider glossy surface to enhance the lustrous premium experience.

Champagne Colour - Lustrous Surface

Champagne Colour - Lustrous & Matte Surface

Champagne Colour - Matte Surface

Deep Champagne Colour Perforated Roller Blinds - soothing the eye, isnt?



Second, pale neutral colour curtain and blinds with champagne colour lighting. Pure white, light grey or silver colour curtain can do this perfectly. They blend in well thus can be easily altered via interior lighting system. Colours do not crash, as long as use in proportion.

Silver Curtain with Champagne Light



Third, white wooden blinds with champagne colour decorative tape. Wooden blind is a piece of art – It is so simple yet so delicate & versatile. With black tape it appears industrial, with dark brown tape it feels homey, and with champagne it is as gentle as a maiden.

Wooden Blinds with Champagne Decorative Tape



Sets of champagne colour curtain & blinds don’t cost much more than champagne in itself. They bring lasting tranquillity and joy into your household, give it a try.


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